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Missions & Values

Offering hope and healing to Philadelphia’s neighborhoods.

Poverty, violence, racism, unemployment, lack of quality health care, and education along with inadequate housing are just a few of the external pressures faced by residents of North Philadelphia. These problems contribute to chronic trauma in the form of domestic physical and sexual abuse, drug use, violence, and depression. Community social services are already stretched beyond capacity and none specialize in trauma treatment. The Place of Refuge (“Refuge”), a pioneering faith-based not-for-profit behavioral health center is designed to fill this need by providing professional, culturally-sensitive, community-based mental health services to North Philadelphia residents. With proven expertise in trauma counseling, Refuge’s staff offers culturally competent services to bring hope and healing to individuals, families and communities struggling with complex impact of trauma.

This work is both our privilege and responsibility. It is our conviction that we are called to be the “hands and heart”; binding up the wounds of the brokenhearted, and caring for those who have been most rejected.

Our mission does not end with treating individuals and families in need. Partnering with local leaders and organizations, Refuge seeks to build on existing community strengths, especially as found in families and within the faith community, to create a stronger, healthier community overall. Our goal is to support and equip local caregivers by providing training, support and resources to help them better understand and help the hurting in their midst.

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We accept all Pennsylvania HealthChoices Medicaid insurance including: HealthPartners, Keystone First, and Aetna Better Health, and others.
We also offer a sliding scale for out-of-network clients. Call for details.
The Place of Refuge is a 501(c)3 compliant non-profit organization.
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